1. I am a retired AA F/A, I have a letter from the company stating that I am a retired F/A. Do you have a fax machine where I can send my letter?

    Thank you
    Sandra Skaggs

          • Hi Steve. I’m looking for a Christmas get away. We are looking at a 7 day cruise from Florida leaving Dec. 24. We have a family of 8 or 10 that will be going. We don’t want any stops if possible in Mexico-been there, done that. I would also like quotes for all inclusive for PVR (Marina area) Dec. 24-31 or til Jan1. At this time I wouldnt need airfare. Can you check out what you have and get back to me? Thanks for your time!! Karyn

  2. Hi Steve,

    I just registered with a hotmail account and then re-read instructions stating to use my work account. I recreated the account with the proper email address. Please let me know when I can check available rates. Thanks for your help!


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